One purpose for this website is to provide a template for others to use and adapt.  By maintaining a timeline we hope to facilitate you in planning other implementations.

The project was approved by the CCG Board in December 2012 to commence ASAP i.e. 1/1/2013

3/1/2013 Inaugural planning meeting

7/1/2013 Confirmed Pathology costs

9/1/2013 Invitation Letter to practices

14/2/2013 Article in HSJ published

April-July 2013 1st Cohort

August 2013 2nd Cohort started

September 2013 Newbury Show Event

October 3rd 2013 Poster presentation at RCGP Conference

October 4th 2013 Presentation at EmisNUG Conference

October 15th 2013. Invitation sent to 266 patients with QDiabetes Risk of >15% who haven’t had blood checks recently, split equally into 2 arms, drop in clinic for PoC HbA1c tests, and standard letter plus routine blood test invitation.

October 19th 2013.  Results back from 2nd cohort, similar weight loss in lifestyle intervention classes of 3kg per patient.  One surgery reports 2 new DM2 and 4 borderline results out of 9 responses

October 20th 2013.  Presentation at Berkshire wide Diabetes Meeting to discuss rolling out project across wider audience.

October 23rd 2013. Saturday Drop in Clinic with PoC HbA1c testing for people identified as >15% QDIabetes Risk