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New Code added for Pre Diabetic lifestyle advice

Emis have approved a new code for “Lifestyle advice regarding risk of Diabetes”

Code Request response from Emis

The Code forum has now approved your request for ‘Lifestyle advice regarding risk of diabetes’. The code EMISNQLI53 will be available as part of the May 2013 Code update – LV Encode update 139 and PCS Clinical term update 180 and EMIS Web 79.
The approved Term has also been requested to the NHS Connecting for Health Terminology service for their consideration. If approved it will be assigned a Version 2 Clinical code and released as part of the NHS bi-annual update (these are released every April and October).

I will add this to the Emis Pre-Diabetes Alert Popup Protocol so that it disables the popup for a period of time when entered in the notes.  (When it is distributed)