Lifestyle Intervention

We are using the Eat4Health program as our lifestyle intervention

We are using the QDiabetes module within EmisWeb practices to calculate the risk of developing Diabetes over the next 10 years

Costs per practice

150 admin costs (searches, mailshots etc)

400 Eat4Health Course

400 Eat4Health Accommodation at Leisure centres

Below are some of the resources we used.


Although still waiting for the 3rd Cohort from the final 3 practices we can extrapolate the outcomes as

15 new Diabetics identified (11 to date)

15 patients with raised HbA1c levels

550 patients invited to participate in blood test, and E4H programme

100 respondees who had bloods and attended the E4H programme

Average weight loss 3kg (Maximum 15kg in 10 weeks)

Total weight loss anticipated up to 1/3rd of a tonne


Invitation Letter to practices

PreDM_searches This is a folder of searches to run on EmisWEB to select your target population, as well as some screening searches for missed diagnoses

DM_Project_invitation anon This is the EmisWEB document template letter we sent out to patients selected to participate. You will need to amend it to your situation.

PreDM search Instructions This is a step by step set of instructions to run the searches for practices not confident of familiar with EmisWEB

Qdiabetes alert protocol (Revised13 11 2013) This is a zip file containing a EmisWEB popup that alerts to QDiabetes scores of greater than 20%  Instructions to install EmisWEB QDiabetes

PreDM Project Paper Questionnaire  This is the questionnaire we chose to use, an amalgam of questions and topics we felt were relevant.

We have developed a method to extract a dataset from INPS systems, Emis LV systems, and are working on SystmOne