Funding for the actual intervention has come from Newbury and District Clinical Commissioning Group as a Quality Improvement project.  This website and associated information and analysis kindly supported by a QInnovation grant from QResearch (a joint not-for-profit partnership between Emis plc, Emis NUG and University of Nottingham).

This page will list the costings as they get finalised throughout the project

Pathology Costs

  • Glucose 1.29
  • HbA1c 3.44
  • ALT 1.29
  • Creatinine 1.29
  • Full Lipid Profile 2.58

This would equate to 9.89 per pt per combo-test and estimates to 400 per surgery and 5k for the project anticipating one pre and one post intervention test.

Eat4Health Costs

10 session E4H Course (10*1.5hr evening sessions) 400 (inclusive of travel and all E4H services)

Hosting for course 350 for those held in surgery evenings

Hosting for those held in Leisure Centre 400

(Approx total cost per surgery 1000 per cohort)


Inaugural Planning Meeting 3*2hrs Clinical Time (TW, BR, AT)

Initial Organisation meeting with E4H co-ordinator 2*1hr (TW, MB)

Admin Time

Preparation of initial Information pack for practices 3hrs (TW)

Creation of initial Searches and mail-merges 4hrs (TW)

Initial confirmation that searches and mail-merges are transferrable 3hrs (TW)

 Newbury Show

Total cost, 5000, approx 50% staffing which could be defrayed by using existing staff time etc, and further reduced if the cost of tenting were negotiated.  See this post