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Results after Completion of the PreDM CES

The previously described CES results are no completed their first year.

Results in from the practices reporting back (covering 55,000 patients)  we have

Average increase in Diabetic Register 24 patients per practice

Average increase in Pre Diabetes Register 78 patients per practice

Average reduction in miscoded / uncoded Diabetes 18 patients per practice


Falkland Surgery reported an increase in Diabetes Prevalence of 100 patients over a two year period.


Diabetes prevention and detection with EMIS Web

Emis Health have now integrated QDiabetes into EmisWEB much more closely as this snippet from their support centre describes.

From EmisWEB go to the support link and then search for the term QDiabetes

Recent diabetes prevention guidelines issued by NICE recommend the use of a validated computer-based risk-assessment tool, such as QDiabetes, to identify patients who may be at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

The QDiabetes tool has been integrated into EMIS Web so you can easily meet the NICE recommendations and put your own prevention strategies into place.

This page on the Emis Support site tells you how to use the QDiabetes tool, also known as QDScore, in EMIS Web and then explains how to use the batch add process to update your patient records with their score. You can then run a search to find your at-risk patients and invite them in for testing.

Final Reckoning for Falkland Surgery

We have just assessed our results from Falkland Surgery. For a total list size of 14500 patients we had 503 patients 2 years ago with Diabetes. Today our Diabetic population has just turned 600. That means 97 patients net increase in Diabetes population in two years or virtually one new diabetic per week. We are currently collating the results from the other practices on the CCG.

We continue integrating pre-diabetes care and identification within the practice.

One Practice, 28 new Diabetics

Although not directly as a result of the project, one surgery has recorded a rise in their diabetic population of 28 patients (rising from 489 to 517 diabetics) in the four months of the screening process.  Some patients were identified by the screening letters and blood tests, but some were identified because of a review of pre-existing blood tests, and a migration to using HbA1c as a part of the screening armamentarium.  Much of it was assisted by the heightened awareness within practice staff and patients of diabetes caused by the project.

Other practices within the patch are being invited to participate in the same way.

All surgeries signed up

Today we confirmed all the local surgeries have agreed to participate in the project.  This includes two INPS, and two SystmOne surgeries (live or converting) and seven Emis Practices who are all transferring to EMisWEB in the next few months.

Next step to sort out individual timelines for each practice to ensure the E4H lifestyle trainers are used effectively.

Initial Costing Estimate

This is our initial “fag packet” calculation.

Eat4Health Course (10 * 1.5 hr Sessions plus taster) 400 * 15 courses

Hosting (10 * Accommodation plus surgery staff) 400 * 15 courses

Mailing costs 500

Blood tests for those participating 10 pounds * 250 patients (initial costs plus repeat at completion)

Misc Admin Costs 3000

Public Health and CCG costs are assumed to be covered within budget

Total estimate 18000