Screening day Instructions

We chose to invite 133 patients from ourr list of 14500 at Falkland Surgery

The criteria we used was a 10 yr QDiabetes score over 15% who hadn’t had a relevant blood test in the last 12 months.  (For our practice  this meant 266, half invited to drop in morning, half to a “standard blood test”)

The response rate to the letter was 63/133 attending = 47% response rate


Venue hire (Surgery)

Staffing, 3.5hrs

2 GPs, 2 Nurses, 1 Receptionist

HbA1c PoC testing £4 each = £250

Invitation letter

Pt Invitation to screening day (word format)

DM_Project_screening invite in EmisWEB format

On the day instructions

Here are some instructions for patients who turn up at the pre-diabetes screening day event


And the general instructions for clinical staff (1 receptionist, two nurses, two doctors and 3 Infinion PoC HbA1c machines)

PreDM_Screening_day_- clinical_instructions

EmisWEB template we used

Pre-DM Screening template


On the day we screened 63 patients via HbA1c (and if needed RB Sugar)

IGT – We identified 5 borderline results (HbA1c 42-47) with raised Blood sugars 7-9.8

Diabetes – We also identified 1 diabetic on the day (HbA1c 65)

9 People directly enrolled in the Eat4Health Program and numerous others were enthused to make changes themselves.

Of Note…

Although we had a minor glitch at the start with the HbA1c test modules not being up to room temperature we distributed these to the patients so they warmed up their own test.

About 50% of patients turned up to the session within 1/2hr of us opening (9am) with many of the rest coming in in dribs and drabs and another surge around 10.30-11.30am “to avoid the rush”

There was general good humour and tolerance of some delays as we were processing patients at around one every 2-3 minutes with the three machines in use.  We received praise from patients at the initiative and the proactive nature of the care, and it was clear many had already reflected on their lifestyle and plans for the future.