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End of Newbury Show – immediate thoughts

We are exhausted after 2 full-on days of PreDM work at the Newbury Show.  We are still counting the numbers but know we did in excess of 300 QDiabetes assessments, about 120 targetted HbA1c tests and advice sessions (based on their QDiabetes score), and about 80 Body Composition Measurements (full body fat analyses).  We have provisionally diagnosed 5 people with Diabetes (based on combined readings of HbA1c up to 64, Raised random blood sugar and symptoms) and a similar number of borderline results (generally HbA1c 42-47).  The biggest impact, albeit un-measureable, is likely to be the general raising of awareness in those just passing, or visiting the stand.

We did have one lady with a Blood Sugar of 28, until we washed the doughnuts off her hands!

Further details and analysis to follow

Many thanks to the whole team for a fantastic weekend

The Pitch during a quiet time!




Some members of the team






Long and exhausting 1st day at Newbury/Royal Berkshire Show

Up at 5am to get everything organised, though in reality public didn’t really start to arrive until 9am.  Got through 140 QDiabetes assessments, loads of advice and health promotion and three new diagnoses of Diabetes.

Some people really seemed to like and get the idea of future risk and interpreting into what actions might be possible to change things…  Others reported “oh I’ve had a recent blood test so I am OK” and therefore struggled with the idea of prevention…

Strange mixture of worried well, and unworried unwell!  Highest risk of the day about 50%

Roll on Sunday!

PreDM project : first results in

We have now completed the first cohort of patients through the PreDM intervention. Altogether 250 patients were invited to participate.  Although the classes were well subscribed there was a fairly high initial drop out rate at/before commencement.  However we are delighted that 37 people completed the 10 week course.

However what is astounding are the achievements of the group.  Together they lost a total of 110Kg, or 17 and a half stone.  This equates to about the average starting weight per person for the group.  We have also noticed a drop in resting heart rate of around 5 bpm.  We are now looking to analyse the blood results.

We are aware of 5 new diagnoses of Diabetes Mellitus found in the initial blood tests and are awaiting further results to confirm the numbers of IGT etc.

PreDM: Working with QDiabetes and non EmisWEB practices.

QDiabetes has already been integrated into EmisWEB.  In order to roll out the PreDM programme across the CCG we have been working with practices using LV and INPS to create extractions of data from their clinical systems.  These can be run through an Excel spreadsheet and formatted into a file that is compatible with the QDiabetes Batch Processor available from Clinrisk

We have been able to create a list of patients in a similar way as we have done within EmisWEB, and selected a similar list of 50 patients suitable for recruiting into the project from INPS and EmisLV practices.

We hope to develop a similar extraction shortly from SystmOne practices.

First tranche of PreDM sessions completed

The first group of sessions of Eat4Health has now concluded.  Initial invites went out to 250 selected patients at 5 (EmisWEB) surgeries, and we had approximately a 20% response to the sessions.

We know we have already picked up 4 previously undetected Diabetics (mainly based on HbA1c > 48) and suspect at least double that number will turn out to have IGT/IFG.  Although this is a worthwhile outcome in itself it is not the point of the project, which is to try and intervene before the point of diagnosis.

Once the post intervention bloods and measurements have been collated we can then identify the actual numbers of IGT/IFG.