Monthly Archives: March 2013

Further surgery “goes live” with PreDM project

A further surgery goes live with sending out invitations to the PreDM project.  North Hants Hospital have agreed to process the blood tests for their patients using the same proforma as the Royal Berks Hospital making actioning and processing between surgeries seamless.

Discussed local publicity campaign to promote the idea and process amongst the wider population when the E4H sessions go live.

First E4H Session already booked up and equivalent number of questionnaires completed online.

First invitations go out

A very exciting day.  We have run the searches and QDiabetes assessment at four practices all within Newbury, and selected the target group.  This is a randomised selection of those over 30% risk giving 50 patients per practice, including patients with over 60% risk.

200 letters are on their way out, with invitation to participate, collect bloods and complete the online questionnaire.  Eat4Health sessions booked for mid April giving 4 weeks to “sign up”.

I will post the letter and search templates online later today.