End of Newbury Show – immediate thoughts

We are exhausted after 2 full-on days of PreDM work at the Newbury Show.  We are still counting the numbers but know we did in excess of 300 QDiabetes assessments, about 120 targetted HbA1c tests and advice sessions (based on their QDiabetes score), and about 80 Body Composition Measurements (full body fat analyses).  We have provisionally diagnosed 5 people with Diabetes (based on combined readings of HbA1c up to 64, Raised random blood sugar and symptoms) and a similar number of borderline results (generally HbA1c 42-47).  The biggest impact, albeit un-measureable, is likely to be the general raising of awareness in those just passing, or visiting the stand.

We did have one lady with a Blood Sugar of 28, until we washed the doughnuts off her hands!

Further details and analysis to follow

Many thanks to the whole team for a fantastic weekend

The Pitch during a quiet time!




Some members of the team