Trial of screening invitation for patients over 15% QDiabetes risk

Today we started the third thread of the Project, inviting patients with > 15% 10 yr risk of Diabetes via QDiabetes to have screening.  As a trial in one practice (my own, Falkland Surgery) we have today written to the 266 patients with a QDIabetes score of 15% and above, offering them one of two screening options.

Group 1 will get a letter inviting then to a drop in clinic next Saturday where we will offer them an on-the-spot HbA1c and random blood sugar test and advice including enrollment in our Eat4Health sessions.

Group 2 will get a similar letter but inviting them to get a routine HbA1c and Glucose blood test performed by phlebotomy in the usual way.

Although not statistically significant in size we hope to compare the costs and response rates of the two groups to guide us when we repeat this across the patch (potentially inviting about 1500 patients for screening).

Based on our Newbury Show Screening where we tested 111 patients with risks above 15% and picked up 5 Diabetic HbA1c levels, and another 5 borderline results, we might expect a similar pickup rate.  Depending on the response rate to the letters we could potentially identify 12-15 new Diabetics, and the same number of borderline (IGT) results in this process.

Initial results for the first arm  (The drop in clinic) will be posted next weekend