First meeting

Today we held the inaugral meeting (2hrs) between the Clinical Lead (TW), CCG Lead (AT), and Public Health Lead (BR).

We discussed the overall plan, and outlined costing.  We aim to mail out to practices shortly, gaining their general permission to enrol them into the study, identify their situation with respect to clinical system, and whether they are able to host the intervention planned.

As previously agreed we have chosen QDiabetes as the tool to identify and stratify Diabetic Risk and Eat4Health as our intervention.

We discussed blood tests required.  We aim to collect HbA1c, ALT, Fasting lipid profile, fasting blood glucose for each patient entering the intervention.  We need to discuss with the lab to cost out the blood test bundle and how to facilitate blood requests to reduce impact for practices.  We use SunQuest ICE online pathology requesting and this doesn’t currently have the facility to “bulk request” lab tests.

In order to understand the pre-intervention position of the sample, we need to assess both objective values (blood tests and body morphology) and also subjective attitudes, to exercise, food and lifestyle etc.  BR charged to identify validated lifestyle questionnaires.

We agreed that when the target group is identified they will be invited to a “taster” session where the concept will be discussed and patients invited to sign up for the full intervention.

We felt that surgeries may have different facilities and needs for hosting Eat4Health sessions, so a mixture of surgery based and non-surgery based sessions will be offered.  Include in initial Questionnaire to practices.

We need to formulate a full detailed business case for the CCG to sign off the budget that has been agreed

Outcomes of First Meeting

TW – Generate information, consent and signup forms for practices

TW – Collate timescales from practices

AT – Liaise with Path Lab

BR – Identify lifestyle questionnaires

BR – Identify cost of Eat4Health courses and taster sessions

BR/TW – To liaise regarding Detailed Business Case